The Science Of Precision Coatings

Food Processing & Packaging

Key Benefits:

  • USDA approved and FDA compliant for use with food applications
  • Corrosion resistance improved to 440 SS
  • Expedites cleaning and sanitary operations
  • Chemical resistant to most cleaners for maintenance and wash down
  • Absolute bond to base metal, not peeling or chipping (contamination concerns)
  • Non-stick, Reduced friction for improved lubricity, release
  • Can run dry with excellent lubricity when cleanliness is required
  • Nyflon® for lowest coefficient of friction and release
  • Electroless Nickel® for best corrosion resistance
  • Can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, temperature for TDC® in excess of 1300F, Nyflon®

Apply Armoloy TDC® and XADC® to food-processing and food-packaging equipment and components for the most beneficial combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The Armoloy coatings can be applied to all grades of stainless steel, eliminating the need for non-durable treatments for the purpose of lubricity. The coatings’ bond to the base metal is absolute; the coatings will not chip or peel once applied.

Armoloy TDC® and XADC® are approved for food contact applications by the USDA, and considered safe for food contact by the FDA. The coatings are able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1200˚ F.

The coatings’ resistance to corrosion caused by daily wash-downs aids in reducing maintenance downtime. Applying the coatings to stainless steel results in magnitudes of corrosion resistance much greater than either stainless steel or coated tool steel.

Common applications include bearings, chutes, pumps, linear rails, cutting tools, and machined packaging-line components.



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