Introduced at Armoloy of Illinois by the Armoloy Corporation in 1997, XADC established a premium upgrade to the Armoloy TDC coating with the addition of a synthetic diamond composite to the Armoloy TDC bath.

With hardness measurements exceeding 90 Rc, XADC can be applied to nearly every common manufacturing steel in precision deposits as low as .000050". Running an XADC-coated part against an XADC-coated part can result in coefficients of friction as low as .09, reducing wear, galling, and the need for excessive lubrication.

XADC bonds absolutely with the base metal it is applied to, and will not chip, peel, or flake from this substrate. Highly corrosion-resistant as well, XADC rivals 440C stainless steel in its ability to withstand oxidation.

Though XADC is an excellent candidate for all high-wear applications, it is especially well-suited to the plastic injection molding industry, particularly where high-glass-fill resins are being formed.

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