Armoloy TDC

For over 50 years, Armoloy TDC has been the first name in thin dense chrome. A precision coating that is effective even at deposits as low as .000050", Armoloy TDC eliminates the need for secondary machining operations after plating.

A very hard (78 Rc) coating with a coefficient of friction as low as .12, Armoloy TDC also provides corrosion resistance equivalent to that of 440C stainless steel.

Armoloy TDC is an excellent candidate for application to nearly every industrial steel, from tool steels such as S-7 and H-13, to bearing steels such as 52100 and 8620, to cold roll, hot roll, high-carbon and low-carbon steels, to cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and brass. Absolute adhesion to the substrate is guaranteed.

For reduced wear, reduced friction, and reduced corrosion across the spectrum of manufacturing applications, Armoloy TDC is the coating of choice where high precision is absolutely critical.

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